Mikel Arteta doubles down on VAR outburst: ‘It is my duty to defend Arsenal’

Mikel Arteta doubles down on VAR outburst: ‘It is my duty to defend Arsenal’

Nov 9, 2023

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta insists it is his duty to defend the club after a furious outburst at Premier League officials on Saturday.

The Gunners boss branded English football’s officiating an embarrassing disgrace and claimed he was ashamed to be part of it following Newcastle’s controversial winner at St James’ Park.

Arteta flipped his lid on Saturday


Arteta flipped his lid on SaturdayCredit: Sky Sports

It was backed up by an official Arsenal statement the following day.

Some have questioned the extremity of Arteta’s rant but the Spaniard doubled down when asked about it on Tuesday.

He said: “It is my duty to stand in front of the cameras and give an honest assessment of what happened in the game.

“This is what I did: reflect very openly how I felt the team played, and how the game was conditioned by the decisions that were made.

“It is my duty. My duty is to defend my players, support my players, defend my club and defend my people in the best possible way.

“This is what I’m going to do time after time. I do it not the way I feel, with the evidence, as clear as possible.

“When we play brilliantly, I need to say that. When we have lost, I take my responsibility. It’s the way I am and I have to defend my club.”

When asked why he reacted with such unprecedented fury, Arteta added: “These things don’t happen overnight. When I was that clear and I had all the evidence to stand behind the words that I used in the media, it is because I felt strongly about it.

“One thing I say externally and internally to my players is, ‘How can we play better? How can we play the game we want and give no chance to the opponent?’

“This is exactly what I did. Nothing special. I will do it again and the club will do it again until it is right.”


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