Glenn Hoddle responds to David Beckham family’s criticism in Netflix documentary: ‘I’ve got no problem’

Glenn Hoddle responds to David Beckham family’s criticism in Netflix documentary: ‘I’ve got no problem’

Nov 17, 2023

Glenn Hoddle says he has no problem with David Beckham following the fallout of his recent Netflix documentary series.

Beckham delved into his life as a superstar footballer both on and off the pitch, with a key focus being the 1998 World Cup and THAT red card against Argentina.

Hoddle responded to criticism from the Beckham family

Hoddle came under particular criticism from the Beckham family for comments he made before, during and after the tournament.

The ex-England boss accused Beckham of ‘not being focused’ before the tournament, which led to him being benched for the opening game.

After the red card against Argentina, he said: “It cost us, it cost us dearly.”

Beckham’s mum, Sandra was particularly scathing on Hoddle and said she had put him on her ‘hit list’.

Glenn Hoddle said his head wasn’t in the right place [before Tunisia], didn’t he?” Sandra said. “I just put him on my hit list – people that upset me.”

Beckham suffered months of vitriolic abuse from English football fans and the press, with members of his family now suggesting Hoddle was partially to blame.

The former England captain’s wife Victoria said: “Glenn Hoddle didn’t come out and try to protect him. And how old was David, 23?

“You’re a kid at 23. Glenn Hoddle was a man. I wouldn’t say a man actually, he was an older person.”

Beckham’s red card at the 1998 World Cup was a key part of the documentary

The documentary’s director, Fisher Stevens, told talkSPORT that Hoddle had rejected the chance to participate in the documentary.

Now, the Tottenham legend has opened up about the comments made in the documentary on talkSPORT.

“I’ve got no problem with David,” Hoddle told The Sports Breakfast. “He was a fabulous player for me and one of the best players this country has produced.

“I haven’t seen the documentary, I’ve got no worries with what he said. If it goes well, I wish him all the success.

“I believe his mum had a little dig at me. Well, my mum would have defended me to the hilt as well.

“My daughter sent me an interview I did after the game in France as well where I was defending him and saying we can’t make him a scapegoat.

“It was never a red card. I’ve looked at it and thought, ‘How has he given him a red?’ It was ridiculous.

“I haven’t seen it. With what happened to me five years ago, these things don’t bother me.”

Hoddle admitted he had not watched the Netflix documentary

Hoddle is referring to the heart attack he suffered while on the BT Sport set.

Hoddle also opened up on the pressures of the being England manager and the current team.

He added: “I’m somebody that puts internal pressure on myself if I’m doing anything. Even If I’m on a golf course, that’s just the way I am

“Gareth’s right it is the biggest job because every two years you’re going for something, if you’ve qualified as well, by the way. 

“People are going to get impatient with you if you don’t do well, if you don’t get to the finals. 

“He’s done that and the England team with the group of players that we’ve got has improved no end.

“We’ve got probably the best squad in the world, maybe not even just in Europe.”


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